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FROZEN BLOOD INDUSTRIES proudly announce the upcoming Vinyl release of WINTER DELUGE "As the Earth fades into Obscurity".


Test pressing for Winter Deluge "As the Earth fades into Obscurity" arrived.

Release date will be Mid august.


We are proud to announce the upcoming release of DE VERMIS "BLACK WOLF PRIDE". This Album will be released in CD format limited to 444 handnumbered copies and will be forged in conspiracy with Darkland Records from Germany.

De Vermis are based in New Zealand. Their music is Pagan War Black Metal. Pounding war drums, cold and sharp riffs and sick, tortured vocals making this album a journey to the earlier days of Black Metal.

Release date late Feb.2016


De Vermis- Black Wolf Pride CD is in production and will be out late Aril/ early May.


Winter Deluge "Devolution-Decay" CD is out now!! Vinyl and Tape version will follow next year.


AK-11/Aasgard- Unto Heretic Flames CD is out now! 4 new blasphemous Anthems of each Band!